about Journey to Internal Kingdoms

Journey to Internal Kingdoms is a book that takes us back within, to ourselves. Chapter after chapter we rediscover our true nature, places we may have forgotten long ago. The book seeks to remind us that life should be lived from within and only there can we find meaning to our existence.

In the book, we become acquainted with the nerve cells in the brain and how they interpret the messages transmitted by the five senses. We follow the axons, the broadcasters of the nerve cells, on their way to the meeting point, the synapse. A beautiful place where reality undergoes an amazing transformation from forms to … meaning. And synapses can be created through our entire life!

The book offers a tour to internal kingdoms, within which life is lived to the full, with peace and acceptance. There is no need for a passport, no need to fly early in the morning or to waste any money at the duty free. Everything is included. The book offers a map of practical, simple, easy ways in order to build happy synapses that are the souce to the joy of living. Those synapses will show you the way to a stable and loving place within you, a place which is unmoved by tumultuous external events.

The purpose of the tools provided in this book is to increase emotional tranquility and joy of living for our sake, our health, and to the creation of a better world for ourselves and our children.

Some Feedback on This Book:

“Thanks for this fascinating, challenging book, which I purchased and received on Friday. From the moment that I began to read it, I have not put it down and finished it Saturday night. I was thrilled to discover many interesting facts and ways that can truly help me to be a better and happier person.
Thank you for your openheartedness and personal examples.
Well done – Nurit.”

“I have finished the book. Absolutely amazing! This is a book with a lot of intellect. It is all wisdom. The book speaks about what we think, what bothers us, about what is good for us, in short about everything that makes our day. Dina provides many angles of understanding including the medical aspect, which is fascinating. I feel like I’m already halfway to becoming a doctor …

“(This is unlike other psychology books, which lack depth.) The connection between body, thought and emotion is explained amazingly well.

“The book is very readable and written with Dina’s typical humor. The quotations are wonderful. I learned a lot from them. I have read dozens of books on this subject and all of them speak about the same ideas, but Dina brings additional angles and meanings and beyond the explanations – there are practical methods and tools and not only theory.

“I have already taken quite a lot of ideas for working with my trainees, and on each page I would see one of them. (It didn't help me personally since I know I am perfect …) In my opinion, this book is a must in every home and it is worthwhile reading more than once.

“I have given a warm recommendation on my mailing list and to everyone that I love so that they will be blessed with hours of reading, just as I was.”

“Dear Dina,
“Your book is a work of much thought, the optimal combination of right and left brain, and also clear, exact, credible, and scientific.
And also personal, touching, moving, and very inspirational.
The paragraphs devoted to scientific facts, the survey of the literature, and current researches, are written in a clear way that is comprehensible to everyone, combining spiritual realm and scientific accuracy. This is a combination that is not easy to achieve.

“The paragraphs devoted to awareness and personal development are very inspirational and are written in a manner that speaks to people who are at the beginning of their path of self-development, and also to those who are further advanced. The combination of personal stories, quotations, jokes, and stories add refreshing color and interest. You have done a wonderful work!!!

“I have put the book on the list of books that I recommend for my courses. Thank you for all of the hard work.”

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